Online Robo Advisor


Our client is a newly formed “Robo-Adviser” and aims to provide the next generation of savers with affordable access to professional financial advice and guidance.   They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The idea for the business came from the belief that the cost of investing and buying financial products is too expensive and too complicated for consumers, both of which can put off those who may not have lots of money or complex needs but still require some financial advice. They wanted to create an affordable proposition that engages with its customers and provides a service that suits their actual needs.  Their aim is to make things easier for people to understand and more affordable to action.

The Challenge:

Quai were engaged to develop a back office solution to power the client’s front end website using web services and cater for all white-labelled ISA, SIPP & GIA product administration needs, including the integration with their product provider and the management of investment administration.

How we solved it:

Working with our client, Quai built the systems and operational engine to power the back office requirements for them, from the setup of their investors to withdrawal of monies and investment into the various models.  This required the development of a total administration solution, which includes administration of white-labeled products, cash management, trading and custody within the regulatory framework.

The Outcome:

Our client launched their full service in April 2017, offering 3 products: ISA, SIPP and GIA, with the option of investing in 3 model portfolios.  Each investor can choose to take the advice route or execution-only route depending on their individual circumstances.

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