Whether you’re an institution looking for end-to-end solutions or you’re carving out a niche product - Quai digital adapts and reshapes around your needs.

Quai digital offers an integrated, simplified administration solution to different savings and investment providers, now regulated by the FCA, Quai can  provide white label products to it's Clients and also works with Regulated Firms, with their own products, to provide them with highly efficient business processes and digital technology to assist in the execution of their business.

Independent Investment Management

New products launched & fully integrated with improved service

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Online Robo Advisor

Individual flexible investor options for advice or execution-only

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Execution only Fintech

Facilitating over 100,000 retail investor trades on a weekly basis.

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We want to help you innovate and change the future with our Savings and Investments engine designed to give you the competitive advantage with our rapid adaptation technology.

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