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We are the savings and investments engine designed to facilitate our clients' marketplace in order that they have a powerful competitive advantage by using our proprietary, rapid adaption technology.

We don't do platforms. We do business.

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Latest news - 28 May 2024

Quai has purchased the business and assets of Intelligent Money Ltd. For full details of the acquisition, please visit the Intelligent Money website.

Unlock your full growth potential with the platform technology capable of reshaping your Savings and Investments business.

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Reshape your strategic operations for the future

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Growth from one simple platform.

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Deliver rapid product development to market

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Quai digital: the de facto choice for fintech marketplace facilitators

If you’re looking to reshape your future and the future of Savings and Investments - come aboard.

We don’t just help you make money, we give you complete control over our platform technology, giving you a cost efficient way to have your own platform while helping you innovate and deploy new products rapidly to market while you stay firmly in the driving seat of your business.

Simply put, our savings and investments engine has been designed to deliver competitive advantage with its unique rapid adaptation technology. Our clients can literally reshape the way they do business, reshape their market and reshape the future with Quai digital. Even when we’re reshaping our smallest transaction, we add more than enough value, giving our clients what they deserve.

And you deserve to have the power at your finger tips to reshape not only your business, but the savings and investments market as well.

Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients say.

PJ Milton & Company PLC

Philip Milton, MD

Quai provides our firm with a robust, simple service for our products. With its sophisticated technology, Quai has enabled us to reshape the service and management we need for our clients and in an efficient, cost-effective and dependable way.

Cobens Wealth Management

Chris Poole, CEO

Quai Digital has a fantastic suite of products, some  unavailable from traditional providers. Couple this with excellent service standards, with full integration, significant cost savings and enhancements to our business model - our relationship with Quai allows us to continue to grow.

It’s what you’d expect from the Savings and Investments engine that serves £480,000,000 in transactions every year, or £40million a month.