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The savings and investments engine designed to give you the competive advantage with our unique rapid adaptation technology.

Quai provides a low cost, compliant and efficient administration solution that enable regulated clients to benefit from either new technology and/or cost savings.

Quai digital Online Small/Medium sized business solutions:

  • Fully integrated administration solution
  • Integration with other third parties or own front end website
  • Money Laundering automated through online registration process
  • All correspondence is online via a secure message box facility
  • Contributions via Debit Card, Direct Debit or Transfers from    other providers
  • Customers can amend personal details online
  • Customers are able to withdraw monies if the product rules allow
  • All statements are available online
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Proprietary Technology

The technology to support Product Administration is proprietary to Quai, allowing greater flexibility in deployment and configuration, without the need to refer to a third party systems provider.

The solution has been developed to be fully online, including account set-up and all correspondence, it also allows for other forms of communication as required. This is especially important for a D2C service, but increasing valuable for B2B services where underlying customers require ever more information.

The Quai services can be delivered via a Web Services Integration or via Online Hosted Web Pages, both of which can be configured to meet a client’s specific requirements and integrated into their own user interfaces.

We want to help you innovate and change the future with our Savings and Investments engine designed to give you the competitive advantage with our rapid adaptation technology.

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